Arminas Zukauskas

Over a decade of real-world programming experience Consider me as a Senior Software Engineer Also, Full Stack Web Developer

Hello, I'm a Problem Solver.

Having worked for more than a decade on IT and engineering, I understood one important thing. You're either a cog in a wheel converting coffee into code, either a problem solver. It's nothing wrong to be the best cog in your company. It's great if you like it, every company needs someone to just do their direct job duties.

However, for me, it's not the path which I want to go. As a firm believer of "T" shaped personalities, I've been working on various business-oriented positions. Combining the power and extensive knowledge of IT and experience with smart business people I'm now specializing in these business problems:

  • Business automation for a maximum ROI;
  • Technical and in-site SEO;
  • Analytics setup & tracking;
  • Crawlers & data miners;
  • General UX;

On top of that, I'm still enjoying real engineering challenges. I love high traffic, complicated systems and smart people solving difficult problems. It's just crucial for me that those challenges would actually matter.

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